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The national WOOHW! event, to be held in Zurich on 13 September 2023, offers a varied supporting programme relating to Out of Home Media. The conference will kick off with a keynote speech by the successful entrepreneur and TV business coach Felix Thönnessen, as well as a panel discussion with all kinds of interesting insights. The program promises to include a bit of everything – except for monotonous front-facing delivery and overloaded slides.
Keynote Speaker Felix Thönnessen about the topic of
«The limits of online marketing – what it really takes to achieve marketing success!»


Felix started his first self-employment at the age of eight. The business with homemade lemonade was not a unicorn. But he knew it was his thing. 23 own start-ups and more than 1,000 accompanied start-ups later, his essence is: entrepreneurship begins with curiosity, grows with motivation, lives from enthusiasm and becomes unique through creativity. And Felix Thönnessen is passionate about sharing all his entrepreneurial knowledge.


This is how Felix Thönnessen motivates people to realize their dreams, provides impulses and new perspectives. As a mentor for start-ups and entrepreneurs, as an author and as a keynote speaker. You can feel that the man loves to entertain and to share his enthusiasm. Because enthusiasm is the beginning of something new.


Key points:

- Born 1980 in Süchteln am Niederrhein, Germany

- 23 founded companies

- Drinks only white wine

- 8 books written

- Prefers to buy from over-the-counter retailers

- Has also tried his hand at politics

- Prefers to buy in bricks-and-mortar stores

- Has also dabbled in politics

The panel will be made up of the following figures who will contribute perspectives from creative and media agencies, advertisers and media providers

  • Andrea Bison, Co-CEO, Chief Operating Officer & Partner, thjnk Zürich AG 

  • Nathalie Diethelm, Co-CEO, Mediaplus Suisse AG

  • Markus Ehrle, CEO APG|SGA AG and Chairman AWS

  • Jeannine Micheli, Head of Digital Marketing & Media, AMAG Import AG

  • Christoph Marty, CEO, Goldbach Neo and Vice-President AWS

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